Waste Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, and Recycling Technology Transfer Consulting

What will businesses benefit from technology transfer?

  • Saving money and time:
    Businesses will not have to invest time and money in research and development of technology that fit the business’s production lines and products. All difficulties related to solution technology, from raw materials to manufacturing processes and components, will be fully supported.
  • Minimizing the risks in the manufacturing process:
    If a company decides to conduct research and develop a new technology from scratch, no doubt, they will have to go through many trials and errors. Meanwhile, applying the technology that has been carefully investigated and proven by successful companies will minimize the risks and save businesses a great amount of money in the beginning process.
  • Embracing new technology, bringing high efficiency:
    Businesses who get technology transfer will have access to the newest and most efficient technologies, resulting in significant economic gains.


  • SRF recycling technology:
    Facing the growing demand for alternative fuels, with many years of experience in recycling and manufacturing RPF, a team of highly qualified staff, and many years collaborating with the parent company in Japan, we hope to bring RPF pellet production technology to the market, contributing to effective waste treatment and environmental protection.
  • Wastewater treatment technology:
    With experience in operation and management, as well as advanced monitoring and analysis system, we are capable of creating and implementing domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plans to meet the needs of customers.
  • Other equipments and environmental technologies.