• Developing and expanding the brand of SRF (recycled fuel from solid waste) in Vietnam market. RPF is one type of SRF and DECOS will provide different types of SRF, alternative fuel sources, other biomas for current industrial production activities.
  • Building a network of SRF production and sales throughout Vietnam, becoming the leading brand of the SRF in Vietnamese market.
  • Implementing environmental protection projects and programs, becoming one of the leading companies in the field of environment protection.


  • Becoming the leading SRF (recycled fuel from solid waste) producer in Vietnamese market, creating new industries and jobs by sharing technology and know-how to partners in Vietnam. We will pioneer the standardization of SRF to create a secure market for this product.
  • Popuplarizing SRF effectively to “reduce waste”, “recycle materials sensibly” and “reduce CO2”.
  • Being the pioneer in providing waste recycling solutions and will orient to build the first and largest waste recycling complex in Vietnam.
  • Providing waste management solutions, technologies and methods of waste treatment. Besides, we also supply the environmental consulting services and help the enterprises comply with laws on management of waste products and waste treatment.
  • Bringing satisfaction to customers with the transparency of information, quality and reasonable prices.